Most modern Electronics are built on printed circuit board (PCBs). This page compares two Chinese manufacturers, JLCPCB and PCBWay in multiple categories


This category goes to JLC, no questions asked. Even though both of them offer a really cheap option, starting at 2 and 5 dollars, JLC is cheaper, especially if you need lead free/ENIG surface finishes. But compared to European manufacturers, both are really cheap.


A good price is worthless if the quality is bad. But in this category, both PCBWay and JLC are great. I ordered over 10 separate boards from both and had no problems with either. The copper layers are flawless and the solder mask is aligned properly and the silkscreen is readable. The stencils of both are also great


This category goes to PCBWay. They offer way more options for "normal" PCBs. And they offer advanced PCBs, aluminum and flexible PCBs and rigid flex. So if you need any of those, they are the better choice


Both offer assembly services. But they could not be more different. JLC offers the cheaper service but is way more limited. So if you want to go with them, you have to try to use only parts in their library. PCBWay will assemble everything (you can even send them your parts). They are a bit more expensive though, but might be well worth it if you need more parts or need to produce > 30 boards (JLC does not allow you to produce more than that at the moment)


Both have their place in the market and do a great job building your PCBs. If you want to get the cheapest price, go with JLC, is you want or need more options, go with PCBWay

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